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‘Cheat Sheets’ for WordPress?

Ok so they aren’t cheat “sheets” exactly. They are books. I found this on the website of all places and it’s new! Great idea to put them up. I’d recommend this to my clients. The books are worth checking out. Some are great for beginners; others are for theĀ  advanced user and it depends […]

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Creating Feedburner Newsletters with WordPress

Loved Ami’s concise explanation of using Feedburner (Google) for a bulk emailing newsletter. Just wanted to share. Also, I’ve added instructions on how to modify WordPress to use the “thumbnail image” option in your newsletter. Tuesday, May 4, 2010, Ami wrote the following post: How to Create and Manage a Newsletter Using Feedburner So, you […]

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10 Tips on Writing an Online Article

Quite a few of us have our own blogs and write all the time – that is NOT what this post is about. There are some people who are authors, publishers, or website owners that have been asked to write an online article for others. Here are 10 great tips that can help you do […]

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