Is my computer running slow? Do I have a crypto miner?

Crypto Mining on your computer

If you computer starts to run slowly after visiting a website with a lot of ads, you might have picked up a sneaky Bitcoin miner script. A small piece of software installed on your computer without your knowlegde that uses your CPU power to mine for cryptocurrency mostly Bitcoin. i.e. some is making money off […]

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I like Mozilla Firefox but it isn’t immune to hackers; just as WordPress has it’s problems

Seems ‘Hackers spent at least a year spying on Mozilla to discover Firefox security holes – and exploit them’ as noted in The Register, online hardware, software and security news site. ‘Bugzilla infiltrated, private vulns slurped since at least 2014 Hackers have known about unpublicized and unpatched critical security holes in the Firefox web browser […]

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Are You Considering Windows 10?

You might want to think again!  Seems they have revamped their security defaults and how they handle information.  As usual in practice with new software or a new car, you want to let someone else works out the new kinks!  I look at Windows 10 as I did the upgrade to Vista from XP – […]

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