Have I been Pawned?

Security Breaches Create Pawns

As of this writing, there was yet another security breach of emails, passwords etc from Facebook as detailed the article on Breitbart News, How to Check if Your Personal Details Are Part of Facebook’s Massive LeakThe problem is that if you are NOT watching the news (and even if you are) you may not hear about the breaches.  This literally makes you a ‘pawn’ in the hands of hackers.  The best thing this article suggests is to go to a place to check to see if you have been a victim of hacking (pawning) by any of the breaches in the past.  I checked mine and had 7 yes my email was involved in 7 breaches!  Some back in 2012.  So it is good to go check.  Click on the button below and see what you get.

Have I Been Pawned?

After checking, proceed to make sure you have done a few things.  In my case, I have changed my password since then but there are a few others things you may want to do.

  1. Change your Password – Not only for your email but also on the application you are using it on.
  2. Enable 2 factor authentication
  3.  Sign up for notification of breaches

An interesting side note to this, a BEFORE you get hacked.  We all want to keep on top of things and so sign up for our favorite blogs, news, groups, organizations, etc.  If hacked, a lot of personal information can be stolen.  Should you really put your real information out there?  Here is a piece from James Corbett of the Corbett Report about ‘Salting your Data’.

“You don’t give your real data when you’re signing up for things online, do you? Well, perhaps you shouldn’t.” ~James Corbett

A piece to think on the benefits of NOT giving your real information all the time.  Click on the link below to view the short video; less than 15 minutes.

Hope this helps you out.  Stay safe out there!