Twitter and Passwords

Log-In Passwords Need ChangingI have watched in the last couple of months the number of spam emails rising. What is also rising is the number of hackings into social media in this latest instance it was Twitter.  The Register, a blog with a security section, recently posted that 250,000 emails were compromised. Read “Twitter breach leaks emails, passwords of 250,000 users” Feb 2, 2013  and the author stated “If yours is one of the accounts involved, you’ll need to enter a new password the next time you log-in.”  Seems people haven’t changed their passwords either from the latest post on this blog.

This reiterates the fact that changing your password frequently is a really good idea.  Also, “DO NOT MAKE IT THE SAME PASSWORD AS YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS YOU CHECK YOUR MAIL WITH“.  Read my past post about creating passwords for emails. Keep your passwords for your emails different from your passwords for your social media and different from your passwords for accounts attached to your financial institutions.

You say you have too many passwords to remember?  Keep an address book near your computer (in a safe place out of prying eyes around you) with your log-ins and passwords written down. For sure don’t keep them on your computer in a file or document located on your desktop! It is ripe for the taking by trojans and malware that get on your computer.