EASY Photo Resizing

EASY Photo Resizing

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The subject of photo resolution and sizing is probably one of the most confusing subjects in computer graphics, and if you don’t think it is, you probably don’t really know very much about it.

When we are talking about printed images, the subject is still complicated and needs careful consideration.

However, most of us, most of the time, are using our images on the web, where there is just one useful resolution – screen resolution of 72ppi, and our major concern is the dimensional size of the photo – since many of them come from the cameras at billboard size.

For this resizing, there are some very simple, online solutions and this is one of my favorites – a website called ShrinkPictures.com

The interface is elegant in its simplicity:


1. You click “Choose File” to go to your computer to choose the photo you want to resize.

2. Choose your desired width in pixels. 800 pixels wide is usually the absolute maximum you would want, and 400-600 is better for most uses.

3. You could make the photo B&W or Sepia if you wanted to for some reason.

4. Choose a quality.

5. Click the Resize red button.

Some buzzing and whirring occurs and you are presented with your resized photo.

You can Right-Click on it to Save it back to your computer with a new name or just hit the provided Download link, in which case it is saved to your computer with one of those numeric gobble-de-goop names.


You can then delete the online version – or it will be automatically deleted after 2 hours.

I love this site. It should remove a lot of resizing angst for everyone working with online images.
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