“Using” Your Blog

Ok you have a blog…. Now what? You need to get it listed and read! Here are several tips to do just that.

There is a good article on My-Blog-Review titled “How & Why To claim Your Blog” using Technocrati. Pretty much it describes that using Technocrati can help to give your blog online promotion and branding. Also to be listed in the Technocrati blog directory, it can help others to find your blog. This article also explains the actual how-to of claiming your blog, the process and a few good tips about Technocrati. It would be good to go see about Technocrati first. You can join up … Join Technocrati … or read more about them … info on Technocrati. A Technocrati blog claim looks something like this “2R27FX4UGD9U”. I claimed my blog and will let you know what happens!

Another great short article from hubpages about bloging and how to share your blog with social networks. Remember just don’t read the articles, read the comments too! I find more tips about what I’m looking for from others in the same boat or things they have tried. Read more

If you are a small business, you may like reading this article again from Hubpages, “Best Social Networking Sites for Businesses and Entrepreneurs
. It states, “There are many methods of developing this online presence including using blog promotion, social media press releases and general marketing strategies. However, the most important method is to develop a strong network of connections through online social networking sites.” Good advice and it goes on to list 14 different social networks for businesses.

Artists and Crafters (in particular but others should read just because it has great info!) may want to take note of the ETSY website; a place where you go to get arts handcrafted by the artist themsleves. You won’t find any kits here. Not just because you can ‘sell your wares’ but because it is another website for good business and marketing tips. Just don’t put your items (or your services) up for sale … promote yourself! Etsy’s support for marketing is phenomenal. Here is an article “Guide to Blogging” from their Storque help section. Again the comments are the best part!

From these articles, I got the idea that I need to start another thread about social networking tips so keep checking back!