Redesign your website?

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to redesign your website. I’ve just done mine and yes it needed to be done.

First you have to ask yourself… do I need to redesign or is my website serving its purpose? If anyone answers “it’s serving my purpose”, then their website is new in the last three months or they don’t really care whether people visit their website or not.

Mostly any website that is several years old especially done with static pages needs “new blood”; it needs “umph” to get itself back in circulation. Adding new content to the pages helps but bringing new links and resources for your customers is important. Adding expanding items such as links to your social networking, a blog, offers for free products or services, affiliate ads and even pay per click links helps to get your website noticed. These not only bring new life for appearance sake but also help you to increase your search engine ratings¬† for your website. Every little bit helps! 10 years ago you could count on getting your website up and giving people a web address and letting it go at that. Now days it has become more competitive to get people to visit your website.

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